The Fence – Now available at Amazon!!


I won’t even get into why it’s taken me so long to complete this project. Let’s just say that my personal demon is called Procrastination, and that she has been temporarily subdued.

But none of that matters now, as I can finally announce the release of my latest baby The Fence.

The book is now available at Amazon!!.

I hope you will all enjoy this story. It has grown and changed a lot since I told the joke it was initially based on. I feel like it’s my best story to date, and I can’t wait to hear your opinion. Be sure to grace it with a review, and to share it with your friends.


The first reviews are in!!

Smoking hot, you don’t want to miss this!! – 5 stars

There are two sides to every story…just be careful which side you choose… – 5 stars

worst of all — the dreaded ‘blue balls’ of death – 5 stars

A hot MILF tale! – 5-stars

I’m not normally one to write a review.. – 5 stars

remember how it feels to be young and horny? – 5 stars

Yes, there’s a twist. – 5 stars

Included bonus content

About 9 months ago I decided to take Sultry Shower down from Amazon as a stand-alone story. It was too short, actually more a scene than a story, and I always felt bad about having to ask money for it (since Amazon wouldn’t let me offer it for free.)

So with the release of The Fence, I decided to include in the book as bonus content.

Those of you who had already read it, I haven’t changed any of it. I could have given it a thorough edit, but the temptation to add to it, maybe let it grow into a proper story on its own, would have been too great, so I decided to leave it as it was.

I hope you will enjoy it, as an afterthought to The Fence, or just as the frivolity it was originally intended to be.


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Putting “Sultry Shower” to rest

Sultry Shower was my first foray into the craft of erotic literature. Since it’s just one scene, technically, the term “story” is a misnomer.

I always felt bad about asking money for it. When I first published it, on Smashwords, I had intended for it to be free forever, or as a companion perk for my other stories. But when I moved to Amazon, suddenly the option to offer my work for free, safe for temporary promotions, was gone.

I kept the price as low as Amazon would allow me, but, who am I kidding, no-one was interested in it anyway, free or otherwise.

So I decided to pull it from Amazon, after a last 5-day promo.

I’m putting the finishing touch to my newest long-overdue story The Fence, and I intend to include Sultry Shower as a freebie add-on. Next to that, Sultry Shower will find its way either to my website or to some other channel where I can offer it as a free taste of what I am all about.

As usual, I like to thank my readers and writing gang on the social media for the continued support. I am undeserving of your unwavering patience.

cover Sultry Shower

Cover & title reveal

Dear Readers, Friends, Fans, and accidental visitor who stumbled onto my page,

I’m happy to announce that inspiration has found me working again, and a new story is almost ready for release.
It will be a short story, around 5000 words. I intend it to be the first in what will hopefully become a fun and sexy series, so feedback will be appreciated once you get your hands on it.
I haven’t got a release date yet, but I’m aiming for the end of September.

No announcement of a pending release is complete without a peek at the cover.
Commit this picture to mind, and let me know what you think about it. Does it give you any ideas of what type of story to expect?


And let’s throw in a joke, why not…

A teenager brings his girl back home after their date. They kiss and cuddle a bit on the porch of her house. He wants her to give him a blowjob, and decides to just ask.
“Hey sweetheart, won’t you give me a blowjob?”
“What?” she responds in shock. “No, I’m not giving you a blowjob.”
“Aaww, come one. I really need it right now.”
“I’m not giving you a blowjob right now, I don’t feel like it.”
“Well, you gave me a blowjob before, why won’t you give me one now?”
“Because we’re at the door of my house, my parents are asleep and I’m afraid we’ll wake them up.”
“We’ll be very quiet, no one will hear.”
He insists some more, but she refuses to service him
Suddenly an upstairs window opens and the girl’s younger sister pops her head out.
“Dad says you can blow him, or else I can blow him or mom will blow him, but tell your boyfriend to take his hand off the intercom!”

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My review of Seeds by Stephen Bolt

A while ago I placed Seeds in the spotlights on my blog, which was before I picked up the book myself to read it. It was done as a courteous gesture, since the author of Seeds, Stephen Bolt, had been so kind as to grace my book The Haircut with a favorable review.

Even though I write erotica, as a reader I am primarily a fan of an amalgam of other genres, mostly Speculative Fiction, Horror, Suspense, and Dystopia.

Lo and behold Seeds, the book that unites all these genres in a perfect equilibrium.

While reading, I inadvertently drew comparisons with a few of the uncontested grand-masters of pure SF and the many cross-over genres: Dan Simmons, Stephen King, Stephen Baxter, and further back in time Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. I found them all. This book read like an ode to them, to their vision, their talent for narration, the power of their imagination. Add an unmistakable dash of Tolkien, a lascivious serving of erotic sauce, and the visual images and themes of The Matrix, and you know what to expect when you strap on your armor and ready yourself to do battle with this first part of a triptych, of which parts 2 and 3 are already long overdue, as far as I’m concerned.

Does that mean that Stephen Bolt is as good a writer as the giants on whose shoulders he looks out over the realm that he has created? Not quite yet, but close.

Stephen is a more than well-accomplished narrator, with an excellent command of all the tools required to write a masterpiece like Seeds. But Seeds is his first published work, and I am sure that the room for growth I am inserting here will guarantee that one day, with the next installment of The Heterogen Chronicles, or with other stories coming from Bolt’s mind, we will see the next King or Simmons take his rightful place among the stars. With this book Seeds, he already shoots for the moon.



Their world is ruled by ruthless Petroleum Barons. Strict social order is kept in the streets by brutal Enforcers. Unbridled Scientists have been commissioned to take genetic modification to Frankensteinian levels. And the frequent attacks of pillaging Outlaws keep citizens beholden to an exploitive system.

Three characters have come to a unique situation. Shade is a heterogen – a humanoid hybrid with canine features, and instincts – born into a life of servitude. Savina is a concubine and bodyguard, a role she was unwillingly forced into at a vulnerable age. Anax is their Master, but only because he, thanks to Shade and Savina, survived an attack meant to kill them all.

Suddenly finding themselves swept up in a revolution they never knew existed, each must make an important choice that will map the course of their future. But they soon learn that joining the cause is not simply a matter of taking up arms and marching to the front. To prove their worth they must visit the enigmatic Engineer and undergo a mysterious test.

Join Shade, Savina, and Anax as they navigate the perils of their unfortunate circumstances. Experience a wondrous journey of self discovery, eerie dreams, unleashed magic, and cross-species breeding. Then brace for the ultimate challenge when these three must confront their most terrifying demons with only two possible outcomes: death, or victory.

About the author:

Stephen Bolt came screaming into the world at the dawn of the Summer of Love, and has been kicking ever since. He hails from the dystopian paradise known as Detroit, which, along with the rich diversity of its surroundings, provide a constant creative inspiration.

A lifetime of composition began at a very tender age, once he was old enough to put pen to paper and produce some semblance of a narrative. Then came exposure to literature, history, legends, mythology, and dreams. These brought on the realization that the way of the world was not always so kind, and to this he could not sit idle. As the voice is his weapon of choice, Stephen’s fiction had found its theme.

He holes up with a small band of rebels, one with whom he exchanged vows many years ago, and two who came into the world some time later. The most recent addition to their clan has four legs, a black coat, gold eyes, and a whole lot of curiosity. When not writing, Stephen spends his time in his organic garden, cooking, hanging with his peeps, reading, observing, thinking, and plotting his next moves.

Naive Gnostic’s review of The Haircut + my retort

Okay, not all reviews can be 5 stars, that would be an unrealistic expectation.

Quite often, the most valuable reviews aren’t those full of unambiguous adulation. When properly worded, well-meant and constructive criticism can be quite helpful to any writer that is determined to grow as an author, even if the review is only for 4 stars or less.

One of the latest reviews for The Haircut got me thinking about story length. How many words a story has when it’s finished isn’t always within the author’s control, but when you begin outlining or drafting that new brainchild, you at least have an idea of the ballpark your story will be in.

Generally, stories are classified into a few categories as far as word count goes: (wikipedia)

Classification Word count
Novel over 40,000 words
Novella 17,500 to 40,000 words
Novelette 7,500 to 17,500 words
Short story under 7,500 words

At roughly 11,000 words, The Haircut falls nicely into the novelette category. This was a choice I had made at the onset, to end up between 10- and 12,000 words.

This choice bears a few consequences.

As highly regarded the principle show, don’t tell may be among writers, being succinct in your descriptions is a great way to trim those excess words and paragraphs from your manuscript.

Wouldn’t The Haircut have been a better story at 25,000 words? Or 50,000? Who knows.

I could have added a lot more background of every character, sure. I could have had them reminisce their childhood, I could have revealed their inner dialogues and conflicts, or showed my reader a lot more in places where I chose to tell, for the sake of brevity.

Every story deserves to be told, and I am convinced that it is often the story that searches for and finds an author, rather than the other way around. Once the two have found each other, it is in the author’s hands. His or her choices, skills, and experience play a key role in how the story will eventually turn out.

Not every story would work well as a full-length novel; some stories would be done a disservice if their author tried to cram them in a 3,000-word format.

“My main complaint is the length. Although it is a fully formed short-story it could be so much more. I’d like to know more about Lucy’s condition. And what’s the real deal with Arron? He’s got issues that weren’t sufficiently fleshed out.”

That said, The Haircut wanted to be a novelette, and that’s what I wrote. So indeed, that means I had to make some sacrifices. Aaron and Elbe’s backstory is indeed a fascinating one; so is Lucy’s journey up to the point where she met and fell in love with Elbe. But my characters tend to haunt me in my sleep, so I’m confident that future stories will raise the tip of the veil a little higher.

Read Naive Gnostic’s review on Amazon.

p.s. I’m still very happy with this review, of course 😀

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My review of Come Home With Us

Come Home with Us – A Cuckold Odyssey book 1 – Rob Matthews come home with us cover


“I was discovering another way in which fantasy and reality are different. Fantasies disappear when you’ve finished with them. They don’t hang around and fall asleep in your bed.” Rob and Tina, married fifteen years, love each other very much and are the best of friends. They enjoy sharing fantasies in bed together, and their favorite involves Tina with another man. One day Tina proposes that they take the logical next step and act on their fantasies. She invites her lover of choice, her co-worker Steve, to their home. Much to Rob’s dismay, Steve soon forms his own ideas of how this scenario will play out. A cuckold Rob may be, but he’s no pushover, and he has a few surprises in store for Tina’s dream lover turned nightmare. A Cuckold Odyssey, Book 1.

Cuckoldry—the fetish of being aroused by seeing your wife have sex with another man—is a special kind of fantasy, but a fairly common one among married men. In combination with other fetishes (BDSM, humiliation, sex in public places, pegging…) it is a vat of inspiration for many people involved in the erotica business, be it fiction, porn or photography, professional or amateur.

The psychology involved, I’m sure, is fairly complicated, from over-compensation of jealousy and insecurity in males to confirmation of your choice of a sexual partner obtained from the fact that other men desire your wife.

Come Home With Us offers us a unique front seat in the mind of the cuckolded man. In what feels to be a semi-autobiographic tale—although the disclaimer at the beginning assures us that all characters are fictitious—the narrator tells us about the new direction their marriage took when he and his wife agree to invite another man into their bed. Not for threesomes, but for her.

Our first-person narrator Rob, which happens to be the (pseudo)name of the author, loves his wife to death. And she loves him equally. There’s only one problem: he absolutely sucks in bed. And being a sexy, passionate and insatiable woman in her mid-thirties, Tina needs more than a limp noodle to satisfy her.

Enter Steve, Tina’s hunky co-worker, whose only function in this tale was supposed to be satisfying Tina while Rob got to do the one thing that manages to get him aroused enough to fuck his wife: watch his wife get fucked.

But then that aforementioned psychology rears its complicated head, and people stop behaving like they were supposed to, as feelings, desires and pride are thrown into the mix. Rob and Tina’s relationship changes dramatically, but for better or worse still remains to be seen.

Hot at times, but mostly fascinating and entertaining. Sometimes in diary mode, in other places fast-paced and immersive, this first book in what promises to be an interesting series will put you inside Rob’s head. You’ll see his wife through his eyes, feel his internal struggle, maybe even taste the things his wife makes him taste, against his will…or then again, maybe not. Pick it up at Amazon and find out for yourself.

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Answering Steve’s question

Steve asked me a question, and I thought I’d share it with all of you:

“I’ve considered writing erotica, but I don’t really know where to turn for… guidelines, I guess you could say? Where should I submit work for sale? How long should something be? Are there certain subjects that are off-limits?”

It’s actually more than one question, a few pieces of the puzzle every budding writer needs to put in the right place.

The thing is, there are a plethora of answers to these questions, or not a single answer at all.


Becoming a writer is often a very personal path and the way to go about it is subject to everyone’s personal style, their frame of reference and opinion. Most importantly to become a writer, of course, it to write. You have to put the pen to the paper and let the magic flow. We all have ideas, prompts, inspirations…so whatever works for you, just go with it.

The most beautiful thing about being a writer is that, when you’re alone with your pen and paper (or word processor), you can do anything you want. You can undertake any voyage your mind can fathom, be any person you want to be. Villain or hero, it doesn’t matter. Writing a story really isn’t the issue

The rules

Every story deserves to be told, and every story deserves an audience.

Is there anything that’s off-limits? Like I said, inside your mind, and between you and your manuscript, literally anything is allowed. There are no taboos. Nothing is too vulgar, too sacred that it can’t become the plot of your story. Matching your story to the right audience, now this might be a little trickier.

If you want to write on a blog, which is the way I started, you shouldn’t worry too much about that. Especially in the case of erotica it is my experience, both as a reader and a writer, that no matter how vulgar or depraved, it’s always someone’s fetish.

If you want to publish your stories and reach a broader audience, however, things are a little more complicated. Publishing houses and publication platform like Amazon or Smashwords will make sure you have agreed to their terms of use before they even consider accepting your manuscript. And that’s where the most important brake on your creativity will become apparent.

As a rule, especially with erotica, anything relating to sexuality that’s forbidden in real life, is not acceptable for publishers. Child molestation is the most obvious example, but also bestiality, rape, kidnapping, and torture will be at least frowned upon, if not outright rejected. It can be a thin line sometimes. Rape fantasies, sibling incest, BDSM, are just a few examples of very popular erotic themes that will in many cases find their way to print, if certain boundary conditions are met.

What’s completely acceptable mainstream to one person, may be morally repugnant to another. My advice is to carefully read the publisher’s guidelines concerning content and to ask when in doubt.

As for the quality of your writing, well…some have talent. Some don’t. But writing is like a muscle that you can train. And your piece of paper is the gym, your pen the halter bars. There are also tons of online and offline resources, workshops, courses and writing blogs that can help you to learn the ropes and improve your skills.


You can have thousand of loyal followers on your blog who hang on your every word. You can have dozens of novel-length stories written with hundreds of positive reviews and people recommending you on every forum imaginable…on your blog. Continue reading

Sakura’s review of The Haircut

By now, it’s no longer a secret that The Haircut is a transgender romance novelette. The first review it got even before publication was by Isabella, who is a trans woman herself. She also writes transgender erotica and has recently made the jump to the big league in this specific genre by venturing into the Futa realm.

Another review I was looking forward to was by another seasoned expert of the transgender genre, Sakura Von Sternberg. Her book Slumberparty Succubus—reviewed by me here—was the first book I read that featured characters of dubious sexuality. This opened up a whole new spectrum of literary possibilities for me, and together with Isabella’s book TransMission, prompted me to create my first transgender character.

So far, the reviews have been amazing. 5 stars across the board, and praising comments not only on my language and story line but also on the credibility of my heroines and the erotic tension between them.

With an opportunity for me to learn a few new words comes Sakura’s review, adding another 5 stars for my new book The Haircut. Needless to say, I’m excited and honored in equal measure by her recognition of the effort and care I spent in giving life to Elbe. The research I put in before starting my first draft paid off, that much I can gladly conclude.

Check out Sakura’s review here.


TITLE: The Haircut AUTHOR: Lusty Soul SUBGENRE: lesbian, LGBT, erotic romance The Haircut is both a continuation of and radical departure from Lusty Soul’s Spicy Dinner for Three. Like her previous…

Source: REVIEW: The Haircut (Lusty Soul)

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haircut WP banner

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Lady Elizabeth’s Review of The Haircut

I won’t say that I write to harvest praise, but praise like this sure makes my day.

My (totally unbiased) friend Elizabeth—also non-native English erotica author—has given my new book The Haircut 4.5 out of 5 stars, according to her rating system.

Needless to say, I am very grateful for this recognition, even though [cough – cough] I really don’t write for the praise. Really, not. Not really :p

The Haircut by Lusty Soul Kindle Edition: 44 pages Published: April 8th 2016 by Lusty Soul Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Lesbian Amazon * Smashwords * B&N * iTunes * Good…

Source: [Book Review] The Haircut by Lusty Soul

UPDATE: After posting this message, I noticed a new review on Amazon by an anonymous reader:

“This is a great story. Lucy the narrator simmers with yearning and desire for Elbe, her shy but alluring hairdresser. The atmosphere is thick with erotic tension. The sex scenes are highly charged. But there’s a lot more to the story than that. It’s also about the victory of love over prejudice. I don’t want to say too much as there’s a twist that will stun you. Do read The Haircut. It will arouse you, make you think and leave you hoping the author will write a lot more about these characters.”

Another boost to my happiness, let me tell you 😀

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The Haircut

The Haircut is now exclusively available at Amazon. Pick up a copy, enjoy, and leave a review.

An Erotic Story With A Cutting Edge
Lucy, a succubus still coming to terms with her special nature, falls in love with her hairdresser. Elbe isn’t the type of girl she usually falls for, but after seeing her stand up to her bigoted brother, Lucy is impressed by Elbe’s confidence and energy, convinced there’s more to this girl underneath her shy and timid personality.
She offers Elbe her friendship, which quickly turns into scalding passion.
But Elbe’s brother, in his religious zealousness, isn’t so easily deterred…

The first reviews:

“I was taken on a roller-coaster ride. I am looking forward to the next installment to see just where these two go.”

“This novelette is beautiful and warm, sensitive and thoughtful. Oh, and did I mention…hot, hot, HOT? ”

“The author is skilled at setting the scene and providing succinct and yet vivid imagery. “

Read an excerpt at Amazon

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The song mentioned in The Haircut was Spiritual Migration by the Andorran progressive death metal formation Persefone. Check them out, they deserve a lot more recognition than they are getting.



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