Putting “Sultry Shower” to rest

Sultry Shower was my first foray into the craft of erotic literature. Since it’s just one scene, technically, the term “story” is a misnomer.

I always felt bad about asking money for it. When I first published it, on Smashwords, I had intended for it to be free forever, or as a companion perk for my other stories. But when I moved to Amazon, suddenly the option to offer my work for free, safe for temporary promotions, was gone.

I kept the price as low as Amazon would allow me, but, who am I kidding, no-one was interested in it anyway, free or otherwise.

So I decided to pull it from Amazon, after a last 5-day promo.

I’m putting the finishing touch to my newest long-overdue story The Fence, and I intend to include Sultry Shower as a freebie add-on. Next to that, Sultry Shower will find its way either to my website or to some other channel where I can offer it as a free taste of what I am all about.

As usual, I like to thank my readers and writing gang on the social media for the continued support. I am undeserving of your unwavering patience.

cover Sultry Shower


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