My review of Seeds by Stephen Bolt

A while ago I placed Seeds in the spotlights on my blog, which was before I picked up the book myself to read it. It was done as a courteous gesture, since the author of Seeds, Stephen Bolt, had been so kind as to grace my book The Haircut with a favorable review.

Even though I write erotica, as a reader I am primarily a fan of an amalgam of other genres, mostly Speculative Fiction, Horror, Suspense, and Dystopia.

Lo and behold Seeds, the book that unites all these genres in a perfect equilibrium.

While reading, I inadvertently drew comparisons with a few of the uncontested grand-masters of pure SF and the many cross-over genres: Dan Simmons, Stephen King, Stephen Baxter, and further back in time Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. I found them all. This book read like an ode to them, to their vision, their talent for narration, the power of their imagination. Add an unmistakable dash of Tolkien, a lascivious serving of erotic sauce, and the visual images and themes of The Matrix, and you know what to expect when you strap on your armor and ready yourself to do battle with this first part of a triptych, of which parts 2 and 3 are already long overdue, as far as I’m concerned.

Does that mean that Stephen Bolt is as good a writer as the giants on whose shoulders he looks out over the realm that he has created? Not quite yet, but close.

Stephen is a more than well-accomplished narrator, with an excellent command of all the tools required to write a masterpiece like Seeds. But Seeds is his first published work, and I am sure that the room for growth I am inserting here will guarantee that one day, with the next installment of The Heterogen Chronicles, or with other stories coming from Bolt’s mind, we will see the next King or Simmons take his rightful place among the stars. With this book Seeds, he already shoots for the moon.



Their world is ruled by ruthless Petroleum Barons. Strict social order is kept in the streets by brutal Enforcers. Unbridled Scientists have been commissioned to take genetic modification to Frankensteinian levels. And the frequent attacks of pillaging Outlaws keep citizens beholden to an exploitive system.

Three characters have come to a unique situation. Shade is a heterogen – a humanoid hybrid with canine features, and instincts – born into a life of servitude. Savina is a concubine and bodyguard, a role she was unwillingly forced into at a vulnerable age. Anax is their Master, but only because he, thanks to Shade and Savina, survived an attack meant to kill them all.

Suddenly finding themselves swept up in a revolution they never knew existed, each must make an important choice that will map the course of their future. But they soon learn that joining the cause is not simply a matter of taking up arms and marching to the front. To prove their worth they must visit the enigmatic Engineer and undergo a mysterious test.

Join Shade, Savina, and Anax as they navigate the perils of their unfortunate circumstances. Experience a wondrous journey of self discovery, eerie dreams, unleashed magic, and cross-species breeding. Then brace for the ultimate challenge when these three must confront their most terrifying demons with only two possible outcomes: death, or victory.

About the author:

Stephen Bolt came screaming into the world at the dawn of the Summer of Love, and has been kicking ever since. He hails from the dystopian paradise known as Detroit, which, along with the rich diversity of its surroundings, provide a constant creative inspiration.

A lifetime of composition began at a very tender age, once he was old enough to put pen to paper and produce some semblance of a narrative. Then came exposure to literature, history, legends, mythology, and dreams. These brought on the realization that the way of the world was not always so kind, and to this he could not sit idle. As the voice is his weapon of choice, Stephen’s fiction had found its theme.

He holes up with a small band of rebels, one with whom he exchanged vows many years ago, and two who came into the world some time later. The most recent addition to their clan has four legs, a black coat, gold eyes, and a whole lot of curiosity. When not writing, Stephen spends his time in his organic garden, cooking, hanging with his peeps, reading, observing, thinking, and plotting his next moves.


My review of ‘Home Porn’ by Leon Kastel

If the ‘For Dummies’ people ever look to venture into the adult entertainment industry, they had better be careful not to plagiarize Leon Kastel’s Home Porn.

This book offers quite an exhaustive guide to DIY home-made porn, with valuable tips and tricks ranging from camera angles and website setup, to hygiene, how to deal with troublesome customers and everything in-between.

I started reading this book with tempered expectations until I was about halfway in. In short, easy to swallow squirts, the author covers the ins and outs of homemade sex videos, often in a dry and business-like manner. Yet at times, the central figure of the book—a seasoned porn professional who offers her expertise from years of experience to people who’re just getting started—leads her patrons through one hot porn scene after another, immersing them in a hands-on approach that far surpasses any theoretical curriculum you’ll find in books.

The writing style that connects the chapters—even for the practicums—is never very engaging or captivating, yet all in all, this didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I certainly learned a thing or two, gained some unexpected insights in the professional porn business in a time where porn is freely available on the internet in ways that the generation of Leon Kastel could only fantasize about.

An entertaining read, that even manages to get the kind of trickle going you’d normally only get from watching porn; not from reading about Home Porn (for dummies).

p.s. This book is just screaming to be televised. I see Chasey Lain in her final glamor role as the seasoned porn consultant. Just a tip 😉



This book is a non-fiction guide for making and selling pornography, it is also a work of fiction. Applicable information is provided within dramatic situations with fictional characters. The ideas, situations and business practices discussed in this book are not specific to any one person, persons or organization, despite being compiled from real interviews and objective reports.
Dramatic and satiric examples on making pornography are provided for hypothetical consideration, prurient interest and comic entertainment rather than for historical record or scientific documentation.
Real businesses and individuals are not named or described in specific terms for reasons of anonymity. This book does not recommend any act or business practice that is illegal. In fact, compliance with all laws of any jurisdiction in which the reader may act or conduct business is recommended. This book recommends no thought, act, behavior or business practice that the reader feels to be unethical or personally immoral. I recommend that the reader only use ideas from this book that are in accordance with their own personal health, morals and ethical standards.
All names, characters, places, events, business or agency workings are used fictitiously. Any themes or dialogue involving crime, sex, violence, bigotry, mental illness, cruelty or indifference to people or animals are not the author’s but are expressed by fictional characters within fictional situations.

About Leon Kastel:

I write about human action and interaction from a psychological point of view. My themes run the spectrum of human nature, criminal to noble, reasoning to absurd, romantic to erotic. Humans struggle for their meaning in adventure, love, status, sex, money, and power as the ego pulls them from trial to trial creating drama that is always interesting. My stories provide an insightful view of these struggles, sometimes comical. I am a storyteller more than a literary person. I write about the vanities and vices from a sensational viewpoint.

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My review of Come Home With Us

Come Home with Us – A Cuckold Odyssey book 1 – Rob Matthews come home with us cover


“I was discovering another way in which fantasy and reality are different. Fantasies disappear when you’ve finished with them. They don’t hang around and fall asleep in your bed.” Rob and Tina, married fifteen years, love each other very much and are the best of friends. They enjoy sharing fantasies in bed together, and their favorite involves Tina with another man. One day Tina proposes that they take the logical next step and act on their fantasies. She invites her lover of choice, her co-worker Steve, to their home. Much to Rob’s dismay, Steve soon forms his own ideas of how this scenario will play out. A cuckold Rob may be, but he’s no pushover, and he has a few surprises in store for Tina’s dream lover turned nightmare. A Cuckold Odyssey, Book 1.

Cuckoldry—the fetish of being aroused by seeing your wife have sex with another man—is a special kind of fantasy, but a fairly common one among married men. In combination with other fetishes (BDSM, humiliation, sex in public places, pegging…) it is a vat of inspiration for many people involved in the erotica business, be it fiction, porn or photography, professional or amateur.

The psychology involved, I’m sure, is fairly complicated, from over-compensation of jealousy and insecurity in males to confirmation of your choice of a sexual partner obtained from the fact that other men desire your wife.

Come Home With Us offers us a unique front seat in the mind of the cuckolded man. In what feels to be a semi-autobiographic tale—although the disclaimer at the beginning assures us that all characters are fictitious—the narrator tells us about the new direction their marriage took when he and his wife agree to invite another man into their bed. Not for threesomes, but for her.

Our first-person narrator Rob, which happens to be the (pseudo)name of the author, loves his wife to death. And she loves him equally. There’s only one problem: he absolutely sucks in bed. And being a sexy, passionate and insatiable woman in her mid-thirties, Tina needs more than a limp noodle to satisfy her.

Enter Steve, Tina’s hunky co-worker, whose only function in this tale was supposed to be satisfying Tina while Rob got to do the one thing that manages to get him aroused enough to fuck his wife: watch his wife get fucked.

But then that aforementioned psychology rears its complicated head, and people stop behaving like they were supposed to, as feelings, desires and pride are thrown into the mix. Rob and Tina’s relationship changes dramatically, but for better or worse still remains to be seen.

Hot at times, but mostly fascinating and entertaining. Sometimes in diary mode, in other places fast-paced and immersive, this first book in what promises to be an interesting series will put you inside Rob’s head. You’ll see his wife through his eyes, feel his internal struggle, maybe even taste the things his wife makes him taste, against his will…or then again, maybe not. Pick it up at Amazon and find out for yourself.

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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My review of TRANSmission

HOLY CRAP! What did I just read!!

Okay, let me back up a bit.

I read TRANSmission, the latest release by my good friend and overall naughty internet badass Isabella Belucci.

According to Isabella, “Transmission: an erotic thriller”  was something of an experiment for her, a sidestep from her usual repertoire of more romantic eroticism.

Let’s analyze the title into its constituent parts:

  • TRANS: Anyone who knows Isabella or is familiar with her work knows that her heroines, besides being mostly audacious, confident and gorgeous women, are all transgender characters. So now too, our protagonist is a trans woman. This is an aspect that helps advance the plot in this character-driven blockbuster-to-be since it defines the leading lady as much as what drives her actions, which is the next part of the title:
  • Mission: Yeong, our Asian angle-of-vengeance, spares no one in her mission to avenge the brutal murder of her father. Her entire life she has devoted to tracking down, isolating and punishing those that have taken away the person dearest to her. Blood nor bruises are spared, and anyone foolish enough to get in the way of her ultimate goal is flung aside as collateral damage.
  • Erotic: Eroticism has many definitions, and is very subjective. Sex is seeded throughout the story, but it has many faces, some of those faces splattered with blood and gore. Sexy, enticing, groundbreaking, but not for the faint of heart. You won’t find sweet cuddles between clean flannel sheets here.
  • Thriller: I mentioned this story is a blockbuster-to-be, and I hope my predictive powers won’t fail me on this one. As I was reading, my mind automatically translated every word to the big screen. The story reads like an action-packed, out of control, overloaded and often bordering on derailment freight train from hell. So be warned: if you choose to get on board – which I highly recommend – you are in for a ride that will leave you gasping and panting, and reaching out for a tissue. Don’t put the box too far though. Leave one hand free to take care of business, if you know what I mean.

So, a conclusion has become a bit superfluous by now. The story delivers every promise the title makes. As I’m not a native English speaker myself, I won’t comment on Isabella’s style, grammar or language, although some purists might think her writing is a bit unpolished. The pace, terror and searing heat this story packs more than make up for the lack of thoroughness during the final editing. I’m sure the few typos and inelegancies I came across will be smoothened out with coming uploads.


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My review of Compatible Gardens – Angora Shade

I got hold of a pre-release copy of Compatible Gardens by Angora Shade. This short story will be released on Wednesday December 9, and I was asked to read and review it.

The download links will follow once it’s released. Be sure to also check out Angora’s other books, especially her latest Cat Games.

Now, about Compatible Gardens. It’s a 7000 word, female on female short story about a young college student that has a little game she plays during her dreaded bus rides. She gives names to the people on the bus, and gives them a role in their very own story, that she makes up. But that day, she gets pulled into a story of her own as a particularly large and rude man pushes a pretty girl into her lap. What happens next…well, you’ll just have to go and find out for yourself. If you read my review beyond this point, you will encounter spoilers though. You have been warned.

I was asked to be honest and give my blunt opinion, whether I liked it or not.

I liked it a lot, but I was only mildly aroused. This story isn’t a quick-rub instigator. I didn’t have the urge to go find some privacy and scratch an irresistible itch, but I suspect this wasn’t the aim of the story at all.

What I did feel was a certain involvement. My sympathy with the main character was genuine. I was rooting for her during the entire time it took me to read the story, which was about as long as the bus ride, and about as long as she needed to be brought to an unexpected climax by a pretty stranger that was so rudely forced into her little fantasy game.

This is where the story left me a little wanting. The build-up was brilliant, the anticipation and conflict of our heroine palpable. But the actual climactic moment had passed me by almost unnoticed. I actually had to go back and read a few paragraphs again to make sure it had actually happened. It had, and I felt that here, Angora’s choice of imagery—although beautiful and captivating—failed to ignite the pilot flame in my belly.

angoraOnce the ultimate moment—in all its modesty—was over, so was the bus ride. Protagonist and antagonist went their separate ways, only to be joined again in a happy, though not surprising, final happenstance that did put a smile on my face. I’m sure that the continuation of this little urban frivolity could inspire quite a few follow-up stories a lot more passionate and knickers-moistening than Compatible Gardens.

So, is this a good story? Absolutely! Beautifully written, captivating, inspiring. Read this story, it will put a smile on your face. If your lover is close by, give them a hug and a big kiss, and enjoy the rest of your day. I’m sure wetting your panties isn’t what Angora was after with this one.

A solid 4.5 out of 5 for literary value. And to borrow Naughty Book Snitch’s Flames Rating Scale, I would give it 2 flames out of 4 for hotness.


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My review of Slumber Party Succubus

Source: Limelight Title: Slumber Party Succubus

Last week I introduced Sakura Von Sternberg‘s most recent title, Slumber Party Succubus. In the meantime, I have read it myself and have reviewed it for you.

First I need to get a few things out of the way.

51FW3KcMD0L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_For starters, Sakura is an American and a native English speaker. On top of that, she’s an English teacher. Since I am none of these three, I am in no way placed to comment on her language. So my review will not touch on the subject of language, vocabulary, sentence structure or style.

Secondly, I am relatively unfamiliar with the issues of the transsexual community, apart from being 100% supportive of the entire LGBTX spectrum. This book has a few layers, one being a metaphorical approach to the struggle a person might go through during their transition and the pain and confusion they might feel as a result from their gender dysphoria. This aspect, to me, is expounded brilliantly. The entire story is a testimony to the plight of anyone who’s been touched by this, or any gender or sexuality related issue. I applaud Sakura’s insight and empathy.

Lastly, I must say that the atmosphere and setting of the story are also new to me. I’ve read my fair share of erotica, but I hadn’t encountered any horror aspect as in this story yet. It all started pleasantly enough, just two friends preparing for a night of cheap wine, cheap movies and who knows, giving in to long suppressed feelings of infatuation and desire. But then the third character enters the stage, and the entire setting takes a turn for the worse. And I mean this in a good way. I needed some time to get into this new mood, but Sakura brilliantly mixes a more conventional erotic narrative with a deluge of imagery and happenstances that remind us of the days of Tales of the Crypt, for those who are old enough to remember, or young enough to have seen the reruns.

And this is where yet another, infinitely deeper layer becomes apparent. Although hinted at with words, as a reader you actually feel the duality of the situation, the conflicting emotions of fear and desire, of confusion and betrayal that the protagonist has to deal with. And this, supplementing what I mentioned higher up, offers the reader an interactive immersion into the emotional roller coaster that one might imagine a transgender person has had to deal with before, during and after their period of transition. Confusion, guilt, fear, desire…it’s all there. On the surface with words, and below the surface with giving the reader a glimpse of what it must be like.

Want to walk a mile in the shoes of a transgender person? Read this story. You’ll be delighted, frightened and educated, all in the short enough time it takes to flip through this book.

I may never become a fan of the mixture of horror and erotica, but I am a fan of Slumber Party Succubus. And by extension, of its author.

Want to have your book reviewed, or put in the spotlight on my blog? Let me know.


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