The Fence – Now available at Amazon!!

I won’t even get into why it’s taken me so long to complete this project. Let’s just say that my personal demon is called Procrastination, and that she has been temporarily subdued.

But none of that matters now, as I can finally announce the release of my latest baby The Fence.

The book is now available at Amazon!!.

I hope you will all enjoy this story. It has grown and changed a lot since I told the joke it was initially based on. I feel like it’s my best story to date, and I can’t wait to hear your opinion. Be sure to grace it with a review, and to share it with your friends.


The first reviews are in!!

Smoking hot, you don’t want to miss this!! – 5 stars

There are two sides to every story…just be careful which side you choose… – 5 stars

worst of all — the dreaded ‘blue balls’ of death – 5 stars

A hot MILF tale! – 5-stars

I’m not normally one to write a review.. – 5 stars

remember how it feels to be young and horny? – 5 stars

Yes, there’s a twist. – 5 stars

Engaging and entertaining – 5 stars

Included bonus content

About 9 months ago I decided to take Sultry Shower down from Amazon as a stand-alone story. It was too short, actually more a scene than a story, and I always felt bad about having to ask money for it (since Amazon wouldn’t let me offer it for free.)

So with the release of The Fence, I decided to include in the book as bonus content.

Those of you who had already read it, I haven’t changed any of it. I could have given it a thorough edit, but the temptation to add to it, maybe let it grow into a proper story on its own, would have been too great, so I decided to leave it as it was.

I hope you will enjoy it, as an afterthought to The Fence, or just as the frivolity it was originally intended to be.


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2 thoughts on “The Fence – Now available at Amazon!!

  1. The Fence is a hot, two-sided story about separating the innocent from the experienced. On one level, it is a tale of Tom and his girlfriend Jen, and the frustrations he feels at her clinging to her innocence, while he is ready to, as he puts it, “graduate from the junior league.” On another level, it is about being careful what you ask for…because you just might get it!

    Things start off pretty steamy between Tom and Jen, and although he is not shy about expressing his literal aches to get more intimate, we feel for him as Jen continues to tease, but not deliver. Tom has a flashback to a hot scene in the movie theater earlier that evening…but not as much for him as the couple in front of them. Their night ends with Jen giving Tom one last tease before they part.

    When he goes off, finding what he thinks is a private place behind a fence, he is only interested in getting some needed relief. That’s when a very unexpected surprise shows up…but is this more than Tom bargained for? You’ll just have to read it and see!

    The Fence is another hot, sexy, and well written piece by Lusty Soul. And if you like this, you definitely need to check out her other stories…they’ll leave you craving more.


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