My review of ‘Home Porn’ by Leon Kastel

If the ‘For Dummies’ people ever look to venture into the adult entertainment industry, they had better be careful not to plagiarize Leon Kastel’s Home Porn.

This book offers quite an exhaustive guide to DIY home-made porn, with valuable tips and tricks ranging from camera angles and website setup, to hygiene, how to deal with troublesome customers and everything in-between.

I started reading this book with tempered expectations until I was about halfway in. In short, easy to swallow squirts, the author covers the ins and outs of homemade sex videos, often in a dry and business-like manner. Yet at times, the central figure of the book—a seasoned porn professional who offers her expertise from years of experience to people who’re just getting started—leads her patrons through one hot porn scene after another, immersing them in a hands-on approach that far surpasses any theoretical curriculum you’ll find in books.

The writing style that connects the chapters—even for the practicums—is never very engaging or captivating, yet all in all, this didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I certainly learned a thing or two, gained some unexpected insights in the professional porn business in a time where porn is freely available on the internet in ways that the generation of Leon Kastel could only fantasize about.

An entertaining read, that even manages to get the kind of trickle going you’d normally only get from watching porn; not from reading about Home Porn (for dummies).

p.s. This book is just screaming to be televised. I see Chasey Lain in her final glamor role as the seasoned porn consultant. Just a tip 😉



This book is a non-fiction guide for making and selling pornography, it is also a work of fiction. Applicable information is provided within dramatic situations with fictional characters. The ideas, situations and business practices discussed in this book are not specific to any one person, persons or organization, despite being compiled from real interviews and objective reports.
Dramatic and satiric examples on making pornography are provided for hypothetical consideration, prurient interest and comic entertainment rather than for historical record or scientific documentation.
Real businesses and individuals are not named or described in specific terms for reasons of anonymity. This book does not recommend any act or business practice that is illegal. In fact, compliance with all laws of any jurisdiction in which the reader may act or conduct business is recommended. This book recommends no thought, act, behavior or business practice that the reader feels to be unethical or personally immoral. I recommend that the reader only use ideas from this book that are in accordance with their own personal health, morals and ethical standards.
All names, characters, places, events, business or agency workings are used fictitiously. Any themes or dialogue involving crime, sex, violence, bigotry, mental illness, cruelty or indifference to people or animals are not the author’s but are expressed by fictional characters within fictional situations.

About Leon Kastel:

I write about human action and interaction from a psychological point of view. My themes run the spectrum of human nature, criminal to noble, reasoning to absurd, romantic to erotic. Humans struggle for their meaning in adventure, love, status, sex, money, and power as the ego pulls them from trial to trial creating drama that is always interesting. My stories provide an insightful view of these struggles, sometimes comical. I am a storyteller more than a literary person. I write about the vanities and vices from a sensational viewpoint.

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