Crowdfunding my favorite band – free book giveaway

My favorite band PERSEFONE have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new upcoming album AATHMA.

AATHMA will be the 5th studio album of the Andorran Progressive Technical Deat Metal band. Their style, themes, and virtuosity can only be described with superlatives. Even if you’re not a fan of metal, or of their specific and unique sound, be sure to give them a listen and help them raise the money so they can hit the studio and get that new album out ASAP!

To make things more interesting for you, I’m throwing in a free book with every pledge of at least €10. You can pledge as little as €8, but every amount over that will get you all kinds of goodies, including the album, shirts, hoodies, and even a meet and greet with the band or a guest appearance on your own band’s album.

So, let’s summarize:

  • Head over to Verkami and support Persefone’s crowdfunding campaign.
  • Forward the confirmation email to me, showing you have pledged at least €10
  • Have a free pick from any of my books, including my new project which will be coming soon

Need any more reasons to be convinced: Check out the official video of Spiritual Migration of their previous eponymous album:

P.S. Yes, you read that right: I’m working on a new story, and it will be ready soon. Stay tuned for more news.


My review of ‘Home Porn’ by Leon Kastel

If the ‘For Dummies’ people ever look to venture into the adult entertainment industry, they had better be careful not to plagiarize Leon Kastel’s Home Porn.

This book offers quite an exhaustive guide to DIY home-made porn, with valuable tips and tricks ranging from camera angles and website setup, to hygiene, how to deal with troublesome customers and everything in-between.

I started reading this book with tempered expectations until I was about halfway in. In short, easy to swallow squirts, the author covers the ins and outs of homemade sex videos, often in a dry and business-like manner. Yet at times, the central figure of the book—a seasoned porn professional who offers her expertise from years of experience to people who’re just getting started—leads her patrons through one hot porn scene after another, immersing them in a hands-on approach that far surpasses any theoretical curriculum you’ll find in books.

The writing style that connects the chapters—even for the practicums—is never very engaging or captivating, yet all in all, this didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I certainly learned a thing or two, gained some unexpected insights in the professional porn business in a time where porn is freely available on the internet in ways that the generation of Leon Kastel could only fantasize about.

An entertaining read, that even manages to get the kind of trickle going you’d normally only get from watching porn; not from reading about Home Porn (for dummies).

p.s. This book is just screaming to be televised. I see Chasey Lain in her final glamor role as the seasoned porn consultant. Just a tip 😉



This book is a non-fiction guide for making and selling pornography, it is also a work of fiction. Applicable information is provided within dramatic situations with fictional characters. The ideas, situations and business practices discussed in this book are not specific to any one person, persons or organization, despite being compiled from real interviews and objective reports.
Dramatic and satiric examples on making pornography are provided for hypothetical consideration, prurient interest and comic entertainment rather than for historical record or scientific documentation.
Real businesses and individuals are not named or described in specific terms for reasons of anonymity. This book does not recommend any act or business practice that is illegal. In fact, compliance with all laws of any jurisdiction in which the reader may act or conduct business is recommended. This book recommends no thought, act, behavior or business practice that the reader feels to be unethical or personally immoral. I recommend that the reader only use ideas from this book that are in accordance with their own personal health, morals and ethical standards.
All names, characters, places, events, business or agency workings are used fictitiously. Any themes or dialogue involving crime, sex, violence, bigotry, mental illness, cruelty or indifference to people or animals are not the author’s but are expressed by fictional characters within fictional situations.

About Leon Kastel:

I write about human action and interaction from a psychological point of view. My themes run the spectrum of human nature, criminal to noble, reasoning to absurd, romantic to erotic. Humans struggle for their meaning in adventure, love, status, sex, money, and power as the ego pulls them from trial to trial creating drama that is always interesting. My stories provide an insightful view of these struggles, sometimes comical. I am a storyteller more than a literary person. I write about the vanities and vices from a sensational viewpoint.

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Dear friends, readers, and visitors,

I created a new page on my website, with the very appropriate title Guest Book.

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My review of TRANSmission

HOLY CRAP! What did I just read!!

Okay, let me back up a bit.

I read TRANSmission, the latest release by my good friend and overall naughty internet badass Isabella Belucci.

According to Isabella, “Transmission: an erotic thriller”  was something of an experiment for her, a sidestep from her usual repertoire of more romantic eroticism.

Let’s analyze the title into its constituent parts:

  • TRANS: Anyone who knows Isabella or is familiar with her work knows that her heroines, besides being mostly audacious, confident and gorgeous women, are all transgender characters. So now too, our protagonist is a trans woman. This is an aspect that helps advance the plot in this character-driven blockbuster-to-be since it defines the leading lady as much as what drives her actions, which is the next part of the title:
  • Mission: Yeong, our Asian angle-of-vengeance, spares no one in her mission to avenge the brutal murder of her father. Her entire life she has devoted to tracking down, isolating and punishing those that have taken away the person dearest to her. Blood nor bruises are spared, and anyone foolish enough to get in the way of her ultimate goal is flung aside as collateral damage.
  • Erotic: Eroticism has many definitions, and is very subjective. Sex is seeded throughout the story, but it has many faces, some of those faces splattered with blood and gore. Sexy, enticing, groundbreaking, but not for the faint of heart. You won’t find sweet cuddles between clean flannel sheets here.
  • Thriller: I mentioned this story is a blockbuster-to-be, and I hope my predictive powers won’t fail me on this one. As I was reading, my mind automatically translated every word to the big screen. The story reads like an action-packed, out of control, overloaded and often bordering on derailment freight train from hell. So be warned: if you choose to get on board – which I highly recommend – you are in for a ride that will leave you gasping and panting, and reaching out for a tissue. Don’t put the box too far though. Leave one hand free to take care of business, if you know what I mean.

So, a conclusion has become a bit superfluous by now. The story delivers every promise the title makes. As I’m not a native English speaker myself, I won’t comment on Isabella’s style, grammar or language, although some purists might think her writing is a bit unpolished. The pace, terror and searing heat this story packs more than make up for the lack of thoroughness during the final editing. I’m sure the few typos and inelegancies I came across will be smoothened out with coming uploads.


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My review of Slumber Party Succubus

Source: Limelight Title: Slumber Party Succubus

Last week I introduced Sakura Von Sternberg‘s most recent title, Slumber Party Succubus. In the meantime, I have read it myself and have reviewed it for you.

First I need to get a few things out of the way.

51FW3KcMD0L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_For starters, Sakura is an American and a native English speaker. On top of that, she’s an English teacher. Since I am none of these three, I am in no way placed to comment on her language. So my review will not touch on the subject of language, vocabulary, sentence structure or style.

Secondly, I am relatively unfamiliar with the issues of the transsexual community, apart from being 100% supportive of the entire LGBTX spectrum. This book has a few layers, one being a metaphorical approach to the struggle a person might go through during their transition and the pain and confusion they might feel as a result from their gender dysphoria. This aspect, to me, is expounded brilliantly. The entire story is a testimony to the plight of anyone who’s been touched by this, or any gender or sexuality related issue. I applaud Sakura’s insight and empathy.

Lastly, I must say that the atmosphere and setting of the story are also new to me. I’ve read my fair share of erotica, but I hadn’t encountered any horror aspect as in this story yet. It all started pleasantly enough, just two friends preparing for a night of cheap wine, cheap movies and who knows, giving in to long suppressed feelings of infatuation and desire. But then the third character enters the stage, and the entire setting takes a turn for the worse. And I mean this in a good way. I needed some time to get into this new mood, but Sakura brilliantly mixes a more conventional erotic narrative with a deluge of imagery and happenstances that remind us of the days of Tales of the Crypt, for those who are old enough to remember, or young enough to have seen the reruns.

And this is where yet another, infinitely deeper layer becomes apparent. Although hinted at with words, as a reader you actually feel the duality of the situation, the conflicting emotions of fear and desire, of confusion and betrayal that the protagonist has to deal with. And this, supplementing what I mentioned higher up, offers the reader an interactive immersion into the emotional roller coaster that one might imagine a transgender person has had to deal with before, during and after their period of transition. Confusion, guilt, fear, desire…it’s all there. On the surface with words, and below the surface with giving the reader a glimpse of what it must be like.

Want to walk a mile in the shoes of a transgender person? Read this story. You’ll be delighted, frightened and educated, all in the short enough time it takes to flip through this book.

I may never become a fan of the mixture of horror and erotica, but I am a fan of Slumber Party Succubus. And by extension, of its author.

Want to have your book reviewed, or put in the spotlight on my blog? Let me know.


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Limelight Title: Cat Games – Angora Shade

Another title I’m dying to delve into is the latest by Angora Shade.

Cat Games

She was quiet—an introvert, a thinker. They called her Mouse. But beneath her veneer was a passionate hunger and desire for those around her, and a longing to act out fantasies she didn’t even know she had. After a brutal betrayal by her former lover, Mouse’s journey toward sexual fulfillment begins with a justified revenge led by Rayne—a dominant and more knowledgeable goddess—where Mouse experiences her first female sexual encounter and develops a taste for non-vanilla sex. Through Rayne’s guidance, Mouse is pushed to take charge of her sexuality and learn what it is she truly desires, allowing her to transform from a shy, timid creature, to one with claws. Tables turn unexpectedly, and suddenly the pupil becomes the teacher.


“Woohoo!” Rayne howls, obnoxiously. “I’ve got an idea for a game.” She snatches the package from Crystal and sizes me up, almost eating me with her eyes.
“You read my mind,” Jasper quickly adds, licking his lips.
I have no idea what they’re thinking, but all the faces in the living room are looking me over and grinning in a wicked way. I feel exposed, on display, and very self-conscious. A heat begins to crawl up the back of my thighs, stir in my belly and catch in my chest. I’m suddenly thankful I’m not the type to blush. Standing up a bit straighter, I walk to the fridge, grab another six-pack, and return to my seat with as much confidence as the simple movements of my body will allow.
Rayne makes a yummy noise as she opens my package of sweets. “I just love gummy bears.” She pops one into her mouth with an overemphasized gesture, sucking a bit on the end before using the tip of her index finger to push the bottom the remainder of the way past her thick lips.
Jasper stands up and grabs Crystal by the hand. She trails willingly after him over to Rayne. Holding out his hand for the package she holds, I watch Rayne dump a few gummy bears into Jasper’s open hand.
“Best. Game. Ever,” Justin mutters from his seat on the couch in exaggerated staccato.
The whole room watches as Jasper pops the gummy bears into his mouth and begins peeling Crystal’s tight, white shirt over her head. Without any protest, Crystal raises her arms and slips out with an easy smile. Pulling a wet gummy bear out of his mouth, Jasper sticks it into the curve of Crystal’s neck, and then sticks a second securely upon her collarbone. To my surprise, the gummy bears are held fast, not slipping or sliding from the pull of gravity.
Rayne grins and stands from her chair. While trailing her fingers through the tight, red curls on the top of Crystal’s head, Rayne licks the back of a red gummy bear and sets it atop Crystal’s left shoulder. I watch Crystal shiver, and then I turn to look at Justin and Anna on the couch. They’re watching with deep interest. Grabbing two beers from the pack I set on the table, Justin opens them without taking his eyes from the scene, and hands one blindly to Anna.
I’m not sure what’s going on. I thought Justin and Crystal were together… but another man—and Rayne—are undressing her in front of everyone. And why is Anna so into watching? That kiss from earlier seemed to really grab her attention…
I clear my throat and blink several times as I try to take in what’s happening. Sugar’s great, and a nice pairing with beer, but I don’t understand why they’re sticking gummy bears to Crystal. If this is really a game, I wonder what the point is.
My mouth hangs open slightly as I watch Rayne expertly unhook Crystal’s bra and slide the white straps down over her shoulders, kissing her gently as she goes. I physically push my jaw shut as I rest my face uneasily in my hand, watching Jasper pull two more bears from his mouth. He gently squeezes Crystal’s small, naked breast, pushes his gummy bears to her skin, and audibly blows his breath over the top of them. Crystal giggles and looks over to me, where I’m unable to take my gaze away.
“Oh, Mouse,” she laughs. “Look at your face!”
I get it now. Wow.

about the author:

Angora Shade is an American author living in what she lovingly refers to as “Sheep Shit Nowhere” Europe. In an attempt to add some spice to her small town life, Ms Shade began writing explicit erotica as a form of entertainment. Exploring the boundaries of acceptable sexual literature, she often seeks to create stories that not only entertain others, but also expose and push against the negative stigma surrounding sex in modern day society. She believes that sex, in literature, art, personal thought, and physical nature, should be celebrated and expressed freely and as easily as any God given freedom. Her favorite themes in writing include revenge, self discovery, alternative materials for love play/bdsm, as well as anything that produces a good tingle, sizzle, or laugh. When not writing, Ms Shade enjoys red wine, travel, dancing, classic cartoons, baking, and creating fine art.


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Limelight Title: Slumber Party Succubus

Her latest book breaking top 20 on Amazon on its first day, erotica author Sakura Von Sternberg can rightly be called a rising star. Let’s see what the commotion is all about.

UPDATE: read my review here.

Slumber Party Succubus

Alexa and Isabelle have an annual tradition that has continued since the early days of their friendship: an all-night slumber party filled with junk food, box wine, and bad horror movies. Even as adults, the two continue their slumber parties with pride… but now things have become a little more complicated. Alexa, a trans girl with a love for high fashion and eighties slasher movies, harbors a long-unrequited crush on Isabelle, a cis girl. She doesn’t want to say anything or act on those impulses. They’ve been friends for a long time. The last thing Alexa wants to do is wreck their friendship. But she’s having a hard time keeping this a secret.

But that’s not all. Somehow, Alexa and Isabelle have summoned an ancient succubi—a sexually insatiable phallogyne—to their party. She comes to them looking for erotic pleasure… and quite possibly takes more from them than either could imagine.

Alexa and Isabella are brought to her as sacrificial lambs… but will leave dumbstruck, sexually fulfilled, and changed forever. They will experience pleasures beyond the limits of human imagination… and ecstasy that can only come to those who are already damned!

This 16,000+ word novelette contains adult material that may not be suitable for all audiences, including scenes of a TS/TS/F liaison. It contains explicit depictions of sexual acts. All characters are at least 18 years of age, and this story is intended only for mature audiences.

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Limelight Title: MAJICKA by J.B. Taylor

In this new post category, I’ll be introducing the work my author friends.

First up:

Majicka by J.B. Taylor

Zane, faced with the kidnapping of his loving wife, Nessa, by a dangerous dark wizard, must set off on a journey to get her back. To get her though, he must overcome great obstacles and ally himself with a most unlikely figure.

Personally, I absolutely love the cover of this book. Breathes threatening mystery. Click the image to visit the book page on Amazon

You can find this, and J.B.’s other work, on his Amazon author page.

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Start The Presses

With the help of my proofreaders, and after a few weeks of sacrificing sleep, I have finally finished the revision of Spicy Dinner for Three.

If you’ve read the original draft that was once a story here on this blog, you won’t recognize the soon-to-be-published result. I added about 5000 words, thoroughly tackled the language and made sure the result was worthy of my first real published novel. I hope you’ll all agree.

I’m uploading my manuscript to Smashwords this weekend, where it’ll go through the letter cruncher, over the next days, to be spewed out as an eBook in all possible formats and distributed to all major retailers on November 11, if all goes according to plan.

To promote this exciting event, I’m giving away coupons for a discount or even a free copy.

What do you have to do?

Leave a review of my teaser novel Sultry Shower on Smashwords or your preferred retailer. If you get a confirmation email, forward it to me, and I’ll reply with a 50% discount code.

Share this message on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Tumblr. The first 10 shares that I can find on the internet will be rewarded with a free copy. That’s 100% discount, just for hitting that share button!

Once November 11 is behind us, I intend to take a few weeks off from writing. I have plenty of other projects lined up to share with the world, but I need to recharge my battery.

Enjoy the weekend. Take good care of each other.

grapes covertest4
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Sultry Shower

Sultry Shower – formerly known as Late Morning Shower – was the first story I ever wrote. Now it’s published as an eBook, available exclusively at Amazon

Pick up a copy for yourself or your friends, and don’t forget to leave a review.
cover Sultry Shower

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