Sultry Shower at Kindle Unlimited

My first short story Sultry Shower is now available in the Kindle Unlimited catalog. It is free until June 5, so don’t hesitate to pick up a copy for you or for your friends.
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I moved Sultry Shower to Kindle Unlimited (KU), meaning that it’s available exclusively on Amazon for a period of 90 days. If all goes well for my first short story, I’ll be thinking about moving my other books to KU as well. But for the time being, The Haircut andSpicy Dinner for Three are still available at all major retailers.

Some reviews of Sultry Shower:

“The way this short story is written, in 2nd person, makes it deliciously perfect because it lets you, the reader, drop right into the fantasy and imagine yourself as the protagonist. Isn’t that part of the point of reading erotica? Someone else is doing the work of creating the fantasy for us, we just to go along for the ride? That’s exactly what this short story is. A short and very sweet ride :)”

“This book is all about a wonderful wake-up call. A great morning wake up call. Getting dirty while in the shower getting clean!!If you are looking for hot steamy morning read this book is for you.

“This was a lovely piece of sexy prose. It’s not exactly a story, but it’s hot and sensual, and it felt good to read it. I’ll be reading more Lusty Soul works soon!”

After June 5, the price will go up to 99cts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!



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