Teaser of The Gods of Metal – work in progress

Dear reader,

I’ve been working hard to bring you my next story, The Gods of Metal. I just finished the thorough revision of chapter 2, and I’m ready to share a little teaser with you:

I had been with some strong men before, and have literally been shown all corners of the room, but what happened next was definitely a first for me. As if I didn’t weigh more than a ten-year-old child, Hans bent forward, grabbed me under my armpits and lifted me clean off the shower floor. He hauled me higher until my head almost hit the shower ceiling. I instinctively opened my legs wide and wrapped them around his broad torso. As soon as I had, he lowered me again. Gretel had entered the shower and stood next to him, scraping her lower lip with her teeth while she grabbed Hans’s rock hard rod and positioned the tip at my gaping entrance. I first felt my lips being parted, and the next second my clitoris connected with his hilt as I was mercilessly impaled. The entire length of his cock slid inside me in one salacious lunge; I looked at my belly, half expecting to see it had punched through my abdomen. Indeed, I did see my belly bulge slightly just above my navel, the tip of his immense staff pressing well past my uterus. Never had a man filled me so completely, and I was grateful he paused for a few seconds. I wiggled a bit to accommodate him, feeling him slip even deeper as I did.

My body had been primed for an orgasm by Gretel’s expert finger, and without warning, all this postponed energy abruptly ripped through my body. My pussy walls clenched hard around Hans’s shaft as a violent climax almost tore me apart. As I hung on his cock like a deer skewered on a meat hook, he put his hands under my ass and lifted me up. My orgasm laid waste to my senses, but a remote part of my consciousness warned me to brace myself. Hans turned around and rested me against the wall. He improved his grip and bent slightly through his knees, positioning himself to give me a merciless pounding. Just in time—I thought—I drew in a deep breath and clenched my teeth, arming myself to receive the full force of his libido. I might as well have tried to stop a tsunami using a sandbag.

Afterwards, I think I gave up after the fourth or fifth punch. I mean, I really gave up. A new orgasm, always rivalling the one before in strength and intensity, rolled over me every time he thrust forward his brawny hips, sending a jolt of pure electricity through my unprepared nerves. He started slow, giving me unbearable delight from every inch of his stave as it penetrated my cramped entrance. This was nothing like the illusive concept of multiple orgasms. This was a new, full-force climax every time he thrust his member into my soft belly. One after another, lapping over each other like so many foamy waves on a storm-battered beach. Gretel stood by his side, bearing her teeth in a delighted grin. Her hands fondled Hans’s strong arms as they supported me, veering me up and down as he ruthlessly battered my delicate insides. Her hands also slid over my thighs, my belly, my breasts. She cooed at me, making comforting shushing noises, and I clung to her proximity as if she were my last connection to sanity.

But then Hans drove up his tempo, and I gave up. My nerves were powerless to syphon off the deluge of sensory input. My skin felt searing hot, blood roared in my ears and by breath wheezed like air being sucked into the overheated boiler of a steam train. I was scared. Not just of losing control—or the illusion of ever having been in control—but also for my life. I was certain that Hans was going to keep hacking into me, drowning me in orgasm after orgasm with every pitiless punch in his inhuman zeal, until my body was ripped to shreds. I felt like I was about to rupture inside from pure sexual overload.

“St…st…sto…” My voice faltered every time I bounced in Hans’s embrace.

“What was that, dear?”

Gretel turned her ear towards me as if straining to hear me over the whooshing of the shower, the deep animal grunts of the giant, and the sloshing of my fluids lubricating Hans’s piston reciprocating in my overheated steam kettle.

“STOP!” I yelled out. “Stop it, please! I can’t take it anymore.”

I burst into tears and sobbed the word stop a few more times. But I didn’t want it to stop. Frightened and overwhelmed as I was, I had never felt anything so all-engulfing, delightful and groundbreaking. I felt bliss in nerve endings I never suspected I had. I reached new, previously unscaled summits, higher than anyone had ever climbed. Looking out over an endless expanse of gratification, a plane so vast and infinite I thought I could soar over these boundless slopes forever, I let go of all other aspirations and released my grip on reality.

That’s when I lost consciousness…

My story is still in a very liquid phase, so changes may and will come before it’s ready for publication. But this should give you an idea of the overall tone of what I have in mind for you 😉

I hope to be ready before the spring of 2016.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt and the provisional cover image. Thank you for your continued support.



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5 thoughts on “Teaser of The Gods of Metal – work in progress

  1. I’m honestly worried that I’m falling in love with you. This is indeed the metal-version of erotica: a blistering four minute solo before even a lyric is uttered (screamed); something the Biebs definitely couldn’t handle or comprehend. (I know this is a little late, but I’ve only just found it.)


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