REVIEW: Spicy Dinner for Three (Lusty Soul)

New review of ‘Spicy Dinner for Three‘ by erotica author Sakura Von Sternberg, a teacher of English by day no less. Her very kind words form a better read than my story. I actually learned a new word. Now all I need is to find an excuse to use it in my next story.

Erotica Author - Sakura von Sternberg

spicydinnerTITLE:Spicy Dinner for Three
AUTHOR: Lusty Soul
SUBGENRES: lesbian, menage a trois, supernatural(?)

Spicy Dinner for Three is, for the most part, a story of sexual compulsion: tantalizing, seductive, richly written. The first in an ongoing series, this novelette introduces us to Lucy, a character who (for me) often straddles the line between personable and enigmatic. She is a seductress with an almost supernatural ability to transform any man or woman into her simpering sex-slave. She is emotionally direct and sexual liberated, curvaceous and insatiable. She is a fascinating character whose past is clouded in mystery—but if the hints and allusions are to be believed, her “powers” might be magical in nature.

This element of magic and mystery drives much of the action in Spicy Dinner for Three, as Lucy’s succubus-esque power to seduce forces those around her makes them act on long-suppressed sexual compulsions. Over the course…

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