Make it free!

I have made my book Sultry Shower available at Amazon, as well as at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. However, Amazon doesn’t allow an author to offer their books for free.

I’ve always intended for Sultry Shower to be a free book, as it is very short, and was mainly intended as a teaser for Spicy Dinner for Three, which will become available on November 11.

Now there is a way to force the price on Amazon to drop down to zero, but I need your help for that.

Go the their online store, scroll down until you see ‘Tell us about a lower price‘, just underneath the book details, and let Amazon know of a lower price. Use one of the links of the other stores mentioned above. When they get enough feedback, they’ll eventually adapt their price as well, or so I’m told.

Don’t forget, you can still earn a free copy of Spicy dinner for Three by sharing the news of the upcoming release. November 11 is almost upon us

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