Start The Presses

With the help of my proofreaders, and after a few weeks of sacrificing sleep, I have finally finished the revision of Spicy Dinner for Three.

If you’ve read the original draft that was once a story here on this blog, you won’t recognize the soon-to-be-published result. I added about 5000 words, thoroughly tackled the language and made sure the result was worthy of my first real published novel. I hope you’ll all agree.

I’m uploading my manuscript to Smashwords this weekend, where it’ll go through the letter cruncher, over the next days, to be spewed out as an eBook in all possible formats and distributed to all major retailers on November 11, if all goes according to plan.

To promote this exciting event, I’m giving away coupons for a discount or even a free copy.

What do you have to do?

Leave a review of my teaser novel Sultry Shower on Smashwords or your preferred retailer. If you get a confirmation email, forward it to me, and I’ll reply with a 50% discount code.

Share this message on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Tumblr. The first 10 shares that I can find on the internet will be rewarded with a free copy. That’s 100% discount, just for hitting that share button!

Once November 11 is behind us, I intend to take a few weeks off from writing. I have plenty of other projects lined up to share with the world, but I need to recharge my battery.

Enjoy the weekend. Take good care of each other.

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