First publication available in pre-release

I have announced my first story to be published as a pre-release at Smashwords.

I have initially set the release date of my first eBook at December 31, 2015, as December 31 – the day before my birthday – is the date of the story, but I hope to release it a lot sooner than that. Get a copy for your loved ones to put under the christmas tree, or for your own enjoyment during more private moments.

My fans who have sponsored me with a Paypal donation can expect a coupon for a free copy in their mailboxes. I also have coupons 50%-off that I’ll be dispensing as I see fit. Sharing this news a lot is a good way to earn my attention 😉

Sign up for a my pre-order at your favorite retailer NOW!!

p.s. The story that is the basis of this release, Spicy Dinner Party, will become unavailable on this blog on October 7, 2015. The eBook will be a thoroughly reviewed and updated version. Be sure to pick up a copy. Just press the “add to library” button.


One thought on “First publication available in pre-release

  1. Look forward to it and will buy check out the guy cab4now he has a large following on his feed and has retweeted should help which I had the time to write.feel I will have to soon
    Always stay safe

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