story idea #1

she’s a successful businesswoman on a flight to her NY head office, catered to by a low ranking employee of her dad’s firm. He’s been secretly lusting over her for 2 years, and called in some favors to replace the regular steward of the private jet. She pretends not to notice his clumsy and boyish attempts to impress her, hiding her wanton and insatiable lust behind an impenetrable screen of ice cold indifference. Sex is the last thing on her mind right now, as her dad summoned her to go over a transfer of most of the company’s assets to her custodianship. She’s about to become the wealthiest 22 year old in the world. And then the plane suddenly dives forward, emergency lights flash, warning buzzers blare…they’re going down, in the middle of the pacific ocean…


2 thoughts on “story idea #1

  1. That’s funny. On the Facebook link the text ended at “called in some favor…”. I immediately thought if I was writing this I would have some problem with the plane so that he could impress her and, thus, win her love. Then I clicked on the link and… there you go. Great minds!

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