Taboo or not taboo

To be or not to be aroused by incestuous taboo stories, that is the question. Or is it? For myself, the answer is a very straightforward HELL YES!!

During my many years of meandering through the erotica landscape, one thing has become quite clear in that respect: I am not the only one. There is lots and lots of taboo available on the net, either in erotic stories, porn fantasies or anime series.

A little joke:

Monopoly, Incest and Rape: which is the odd one out?
Rape; all the others are family games (the crowd goes bananas πŸ˜€ )

I absolutely love sibling stories. Not so much into the other family affairs – mother-son, a hot aunt or dirty uncle – although daddy-daughter romances can also cause quite a stir in my belly. I don’t condone any kind of abuse of minors by adults, sexual or otherwise. I can’t be clear enough on that. But in the stories I read, and the little titillating fragments I write as caption to the hot GIFs and photo series on Tumblr that inspire my naughty little taboo fantasies, this is never an issue. Everybody is promiscuous, they had all been longing for each other for a long time, and no one gets hurt.

My stories all have a dash of that good stuff. Recollections of a life I can never have. I was an only child, but I’m sure that if I had had a brother or sister, and they were anything like me, we’d have been humping like rabbits as soon as we had reached that age where it becomes a possible pass time. Some people in my online circle of intimates have had real experiences with a family member, something they all speak of very fondly. I feel like I have missed out, so I compensate by venting into my stories and posts every now and then

What about you? Do you enjoy taboo stories? Are you repulsed by them? And what kind do you fancy most?
You can answer here, or if you are on Google+ you can answer the little poll I have there. Feel free.

(If you, dear reader, have had nasty, traumatizing experiences as a child as a result of abuse by an adult/family member,Β this line of daydreaming isn’t for you of course. I hope all is well and that you have found a way to recover)


3 thoughts on “Taboo or not taboo

  1. First erotica story I ever published was an incest/futanari tale and of course you can’t sell that on Amazon, so I put it on Smashwords. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had writing it. It was so naughty, so wrong, and so, so hot.


  2. Oh yes, I speak very fondly about the teenage experiments with my brother and sister in my Tumblr blog. In my mind and memory there is no better and friendlier place to learn about sex than between siblings in the comfort and safety of the family home.


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